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Helpful Tips in Cleaning Carpets and Floors Using Vacuum Cleaners

One of the hardest household tasks is cleaning the floor. Having a carpet at home makes it even more difficult to clean it. Thanks to the inventor of the vacuum cleaner! It has become housewives' best tool in making the job very easy. Here are some helpful tips on using vacuum cleaner to keep your carpet and floor clean.

1. First, always inspect the vacuum cleaner before using it to make sure it is in good working condition. Also, ensure that there is enough airflow inside the machine. Inspect the bag, which collects dirt and debris. If the bag is already full of dirt, empty the container, as this will clog the passageway of air making the cleaner inefficient.

2. Check the area you are going to vacuum. Pick up objects that may clog the equipment. Leave only the objects that can pass through the intake port of the cleaner. Move the objects such as tables, chairs, and couch out of the way to make sure that all parts of the carpet will can be vacuumed.

3. Switch on the vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming from one corner of the carpet going towards the other end. Move the equipment in forward direction and do it slowly to pick up more dirt and waste. As much as possible, avoid vacuuming in backwards direction more often to avoid accidental stress on the power cord. It is more likely that you will run over the cable when you go backwards which can cause damage on the cord.

4. Make sure that you overlap your cleaning strokes to make sure all the parts of the carpet have been cleaned. This is important especially on carpet since it accumulates more dirt and dust than the floor surface.

5. Change your vacuuming direction the next time you do it. This will prevent matting on the carpet.

6. To clean corners and under the edges of furniture, use attachments on the vacuum such as simple hose with exchangeable ends. Most vacuum cleaners have attachments of various shapes and sizes to fit different sorts of jobs.

7. Wave a vacuum wand under large furniture such as bed and cabinets to get rid of dust particles. You do not need to move this very heavy furniture because vacuum cleaners are designed to make your work easier.

8. While cleaning, always be on the look out for straw, threads, and string s that may enter the apparatus as these may trap debris in the tube or even worse, they may clog up the suction thereby causing more difficult problems.

9. If you have pets, you may use floor-covering freshener because carpets often retain the body smell of animals. An alternative and cheaper way to make your carpet smell good is to sprinkle some baking soda before you vacuum. Leave the baking soda for a while then clean it.

10. To clean pet litter on carpets or floors, use a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Try an upright one with a power brush to get deep into the fibres of the carpet.

Vacuum cleaner has become one of the most convenient house tools of the modern times. Cleaning carpets from wall-to-wall could have been a nearly impossible task. So grab your vacuum cleaner now and take a trip inside your house while you vacuum.

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