The Joy Of Knitting

Scarves are one of the most versatile and stylish accessories that can be worn with any type of women's clothes to create great outfits that are on trend and in keeping with the latest ladies fashion. Boyish shapes should also try to avoid ladies jumpers in bright colours or intricate patterns because they can swamp a small frame. Instead, aim for solid colours and add some eye-catching accessories. Remember that you can purchase knit sweaters with different designs! There are some women that will prefer the plain old-fashioned style, and others who want something a little flashier. As always, it's your wardrobe.

Those with petite frames look good in classic cuts that won't swap your frame. Petites look good in clothing that accentuate their waist, so jumper dresses and cardigans with belts that sit above the knee are a good bet. Short ladies jumpers or knitwear with three-quarter length sleeves can also work well.

In 2013, a number of different trends are competing for attention on mens wool jumpers. In keeping with the general military trend in men's fashion, grey-greens and khaki hues are dominating jumpers this year. Bestseller 50 Shades of Grey seems to have made a literal impact on catwalks too, judging by the muted rainbow of grey knitwear on offer. For something with a little more warmth, choose a jumper in plum or Bordeaux, one of this season's most popular colours.

Since Chanel changed the face of knitwear, the floodgates were opened for other designers to become more innovative with their designs. Throughout the Second World War, people had to mend and make do with clothes with many children wearing 'hand-me-downs'. Clothes were practical for the average person and not a statement about one's personality.

Based on the breed of sheep, the properties, qualities and pricing of wool varies. As a result there are indeed various types of woolen knitwear available including cashmere, mohair, karakul, merino and few others. However, amongst many Merino woolen knitwear is considered as the world's finest quality of wool.

Merino woolen knitwear is made from the finest members of sheep community that offers the finest and softest woolen materials. Merino wool is extremely light weighted and is very fine. It is easily blended with other fabrics, providing the wearer superior quality of comfort and warmth. Merino is best suited for all including children, men and women. However, at the same time it is the best brand of knitwear especially during athletic performance. It is typically meant for use in cycling, skiing, hiking, mountain climbing, running and in various other types of outdoor aerobic exercise, providing command a premium over synthetic fabrics.

It's only January and already the high street is brimming with cardigans, knitted dresses and jumpers in every corner. Comfy woolly cardigans can be found in a variety of colours and styles to flatter every shape and size. For instance, if you're a large-busted woman who has always found it difficult to find cardigans to suit, it's time to rejoice! For V-necks and plunging scoop necks – guaranteed to compliment your heavy top half – feature prominently in this year's knitted fashions. Choose a V-neck cardigan in a dark, block colour with a tie around the narrower part of your waist and you could also draw attention away from a bulging tummy.

One of the most popular and versatile of knitting projects is scarf knitting. Once thought of as a beginner's jump-off point, scarf knitting has carved a creative and beautiful niche for itself. You could knit scarves all day every day, and never come to the end of ideas.

Jumpers began to grow in popularity when they were geared towards maternity and girls wear. Once the word spread, different designers restructured them to fit many different body types. Jumpers quickly grew in popularity because they can be dressed up or down and are very fashionable. Today, they have become one of the few long lasting fashion trends that can be seen everywhere from the catwalk to children's stores.

Now, here is a project that is hotter than hot. Cowls, aka mobius knitting is all the rage right now. And no wonder. These little beauties are attached at their ends when finished and they are also called Infinity scarves. Besides looking just terrific with any wardrobe, cowls are the best warmer-uppers on cold winter days. Easy to knit, they can be finished in a weekend.

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