Should I Tan Before Going On Vacation?

You just found out your best friend is getting married, and you want to look perfect for that big event next month. Tanning beds are less likely to cause sunburn than the real sun but it still can happen. It means your body has to focus on healing and, therefore, has a reduced capacity to fight off other problems such as infections and diseases. The answer is sunless tanning.

Tanning occurs when ultraviolet radiation from the sun causes an increased release of melanin in the skin. Ultraviolet radiation is divided into two types. UVA radiation makes people tan by penetrating the lower layers of skin and triggering the melanocytes to produce melanin. Melanin is a brown pigment that causes people to tan and prevents the skin from burning. UVB radiation causes people to burn by burning the top layer of skin. Darker skinned people tend not to burn as much as people with lighter skin because their skin contains more melanin naturally.

First of all, if you have keratosis pilaris, you may realize that it often gets better in the summer months. Part of the reason for this is because there is more moisture in the air in the summer season as opposed to the winter. The inflammation of keratosis pilaris is often triggered by dry and cold weather, so you may find that these bumps on your skin become even worse when the weather is colder. Still many more people are under the misconception that tanning the skin is the best treatment for keratosis pilaris because it does seem to offer temporary relief. While that may be the case, regular tanning will do more harm than good to this skin condition, and it will also cause long-term damage underneath the surface of the skin.

These all products are safe to use and do not cause permanent skin changes. In other words, self tanning products do not cause any changes in your skin's DNA. They simply work by staining the outer layer of the skin. This is the only safe way to get a beautiful tan as today's products are much higher quality than those from the past. Today's self tanning products come in a variety of pleasant fragrances and can create the appearance of flawless skin.

Some medication will make a person's skin extremely sensitive to UV light. Birth control pills are just one of these many medications. The skin can tan very unevenly, producing what looks like white spots from tanning due to a number of medications. Before you fill any prescription at a pharmacy be sure to talk to your doctor or pharmacist and let them know that you tan either occasionally or regularly so you are well aware of any side effects that you may experience.

Researches show that even short-term use of tanning booths or beds can cause molecular and genetic damage, premature aging of the skin, and skin cancer. UV radiation exposure could also cause other tegument changes such as changes in the thickness and texture of the cutis, wrinkles, dry skin, weakening of connective tissues, age spots, etc. Your eyes are likely to be exposed to radiation levels 100 times more than that in natural sunlight and this could very well lead to corneal burns, retinal damage, and cataract. Keeping the eyes closed or wearing sunglasses could not prevent this from happening and one should wear eye protection while using a tanning booth. The probability of getting a fungal rash cannot be ruled out if the tanning bed is not properly cleaned. Also if individual skin sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation is not properly evaluated while using a tanning bed, users might experience some minor harmful skin effects such as drying of the skin, mild itching, erythema, etc.

With so many advantages of owning a tanning bed, making the decision to purchase one is really not the hard part. When your time comes to peruse the market for an indoor tanning bed, will need to focus all your attention on making a quality purchase. Continue reading to learn what you need to consider before buying a tanning bed.

This is why people now look towards spray tans. It is a relatively new trend in beauty and are for people who want the look of a tan but not willing to take the risks of sun or UVB exposure, and yet dislike the streaks, stains, and overall unwieldiness of the tanning lotions and creams that have proliferated the market over the last ten years.

8. When someone gets an airbrush tan at the salon, what should they expect to do: length of time? Articles of clothes removed? A spray tan is generally a fast application process. You can either wear disposable underwear and bras or your own underwear that you don't care about, however it is not uncommon to get sprayed in the buff to prevent tan lines. It is generally up to the client and how comfortable they feel. Always remember to wear dark, loose fitting clothing and flip flops afterwards. You never want to put on anything tight fitting such as jeans, leggings, socks, boots as this will cause streaking and uneven color development. Also stay away from wearing white until you have showered the next day. Invest in “OxyClean” to add to your laundry, it is the best product to keep your clothes bright and your whites their whitest.

And much of the tanning bed industry will tell you that is not safe to not tan! By this, they mean that if you are rarely exposed to the sun, you have a greater chance of acquiring some forms of cancer. Some have even found that people who do not receive regular sun exposure are more likely than others to develop malignant melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer).

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